The company

The company

Pella's Delicacies was founded and has been operating since 2016 in historic Pella.
Our company produces jams, sauces, spoon sweets and spreads from fresh Greek fruits and vegetables.

With faith in the high
nutritional value of its products
of Greek land, Pella's Delicacies
supports and utilizes the Greek
raw materials from its fertile land

Local producers supply
the unit with pure, fresh products,
which the well qualified
personal processed in one
area of ​​modern technologies
facilities, to arrive at
selected stores in Greece
and abroad

Our goals are...

  • the excellent quality and high gastronomy of the products
  • the promotion of the products of the Greek land
  • food quality assurance
  • the respect of the consumer
  • the protection of the environment


Ensuring the quality and hygiene of the products is a key pursuit of the company. The
strict selection of raw materials combined with modern production systems and
processing, are a guarantee for the creation of traditional, high-tasting products
gastronomy. At Pella's Delicacies, a quality control system is applied at all stages
production from collection to final packaging. Continuous checks are carried out throughout
the production process to ensure the production of safe products. The lasting
upgrading and proper maintenance of the machines is always a priority for us, as well
implies the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.

The company is ISO 22000:2005 certified

Respect for the consumer and the

Environmental protection and sustainable development play an important role in the company's philosophy
and sustainability.

  • "TASTE"

Put our products
on your shelf!

Our effort is to marry new trends in gastronomy with traditional Greek recipes, using standard equipment as well as existing scientific knowledge in the field of food processing.